I think this is a marvellous program. I am a doctor at the hospital and can see how much patients appreciate this. Many are scared, lonely, bored and in pain. The chance to enjoy, make and appreciate art and music is an incredible gift. I hope when I am on receiving end - in the bed and not beside it you are there for me too.
— Dr Anna Johnston, Royal Hobart Hospital

Inscape is a Hobart based non-profit organisation that supports patients, their families and hospital staff by providing access to inspiring and inclusive arts initiatives within Tasmanian hospitals. We  transform and enrich the environment and provide comfort to families at a time of great stress and trauma. 


  • We facilitate professional development, mentorship and training for artists and musicians, to enable them to contribute positively within a non-art setting.

  • We provide skill development opportunities for all staff in a health care setting.

  • We initiate, develop and deliver art projects in health care environments.

  • We provide an infrastructure to support Best Practice in art and health project delivery, through evaluation, capacity building, advice and consultation.

  • We actively seek investment and engagement from private philanthropy and government to support our programs and the continued demand for our work.

The program is superb and made my auntie with dementia always smile and your thoughtfulness to us both was wonderful
— Niece of a patient on ward 6A