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The Tribute project recognises and values stories from people who are hospitalised at the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH).  With the support of our arts health facilitator, the Inscape artist/illustrator spends up to four hours at a time with each patient; chatting and listening to stories.  This extended conversation provides resources for the artist to create the Tribute; a collection of illustrated memories that can be shared with the patient, their family and the hospital community. 

The illustrated artworks are a tribute to the patient and provide opportunities for celebration of their life.  The artworks provide staff on the ward with a way to recognise the person and their lives as well as to attend to necessary medical procedures. 

The patient and/or their families keep the artwork as a memoir and, with their permission, a copy of their artwork is exhibited in a public space at the hospital.  Tribute has proven to be particularly useful for working with patients who are experiencing memory loss or dementia.