What We've Achieved

  • Since 2015 Inscape has grown from working in just one ward to seven more wards at the Royal Hobart Hospital, two wards at the Repatriation Hospital and one ward at St John’s Park - the Renal Dialysis Unit.

  • Inscape contracts 1 Arts Health Facilitator, 1 Educator, 4 Musicians and 2 Visual Artists - all working within THS Southern Services.

  • There have been 123 individual Tribute artworks completed since 2015, all gifted to patients and their families.

  • Inscape was published in the International Journal of Older Persons Nursing in December 2017.

  • Since 2015 we have facilitated 24 education sessions for health staff.

In 2018 there were:

  • an average of 30 participants involved in bedside musical visits each week

  • 43 Tribute artworks produced.

  • approximately 90 participants engaged in public performances per fortnight.


Professional Practice

Professional Development days are held throughout the year with all musicians, artists and board members. This ensures that practices are maintained, information is shared and our team feel well supported. Pictured, Alyssa Bermudez and Jenny Masters working on Tributes.


In 2015, the Inscape program was evaluated with ethics approval and the results showed many benefits and positive outcomes for staff, patients and visitors. 

In particular, the study highlighted the importance of the individualised art approach and the skill required of the arts health worker. 

From this pilot project, the work of Inscape has now extended into other areas of the Royal Hobart Hospital and beyond to other services and settings. 

The report is available via the link below.

Evaluation Report